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One Hand Phone Strap

One Hand Phone Strap

A small strap that attaches to the back of a phone to make it easy to hold with one hand?

Uh, yes, please!

Honestly, why don’t phones ship with these installed already? Oh, because everyone’s obsessed with being able to use adjectives like “sleek” and “sexy” to describe a damn phone? Yeah, miss us with that business. We’ll take the dad bod phone. You know, the one you can use in bed with only one hand and not have to worry about dropping it straight on to your own face? Yeah, give us that phone, please.

Since no phone manufacturer is about to do that, however, you’ll need to take matters in to your own hand. These little attachments are ridiculously cheap and easy to install on any handheld device. If you’d rather have one that looks more “sleek and sexy,” we found one with a shiny ring earlier in the year.

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