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Atari Flashback Gaming System

Atari Flashback Gaming System

The Atari Flashback is a trip back in time to the late 70s, when 8-bit graphics were enough to blow everyone’s mind and gaming was in a post-Pong golden age!

That Atari 2600 machine was all any kid wanted to see under their Christmas tree and now it’s back!

The Flashback might look like the old school unit but it comes with some serious upgrades thanks to modern technology.

First off, don’t worry about hitting up flea markets and garage sales to buy some old game cartridges and hope they still work. Those old video games take up very limited storage by today’s standards, so the Atari Flashback comes loaded with 100 vintage and new (!!!) video games inside the console itself! (Hit up the link for a full list. It’s too long to post here.)

Next, the controllers are wireless! They do need a clear line of sight to work properly but, hey, think about how annoying it would be to play with wired controllers.

Game on!

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