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Sunglasses with Built-In Camcorder

Sunglasses with Built-In Camcorder

Capture all the action from the POV of the person in the middle of it: you!

These sunglasses have a camera built in right between the eyes. Load it up with a memory card, start recording and then do whatever it is you plan to do that’s worth filming – no holding a camera necessary! Just make sure you’ve got your head turned straight at whatever you want to record. (It’s easy to get used to it after trying it out a few times.)

A lot of people probably buy these to record “extreme sports” stuff but they’re just as good for documenting vacations or group outings.

The entire recording setup is contained in the sunglasses – no visible wires or anything – and the lenses are even polarized! Battery life depends on whether recording is continuous or intermittent, as well as the settings used while recording, but charging the rechargeable battery is as easy as recharging a phone.

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