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LED Constellation Scarf

LED Constellation Scarf

You don’t need a telescope to see how awesome this scarf is!

This is a six foot long, double-layered scarf sewn by hand in The United States. Eco-friendly inks were used to print some of the famous star constellations from our solar system. Those show up in white on the black fabric (or black on the white option) during the daytime. But everyone knows the stars come out to play when the sun goes down…

In dark environments is where this scarf really shines. Hidden inside is a string of LED lights that turn the scarf into a glowing tapestry of the night sky. The lights inside the black fabric shine a brilliant blue.

Worried about how to wash this thing when it has electrical components inside?


The lights are easily removable through a zippered enclosure so you can wash the scarf without ruining anything.

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