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Bandage Socks

Bandage Socks

The only pair of socks officially endorsed by the Baron Munchausen Podiatric Society!

Okay, so you know how wearing socks with sandals is completely unacceptable human behavior?


Now you also know how the type of sandals that have that strap around the back of the heels (not like the pair in the photo) can rub that skin on the back of the heel raw until you have to put a bandage on it.


Picture a world.

In this world, you’re allowed to wear socks with those sandals (shhh – just hang on) but only because these socks create an odd effect that look as though you are not wearing socks at all!

It’s this world! You’re living in the world you just imagined!

The creators of the socks even went the extra step of adding a bandage to the illusion! It’s the best of both worlds!

…or the best of this world…. whatever…

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