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EXCLUSIVE: Magical Meme Marketplace

Modern Meme Marketplace

2016 has been the year of the meme.

Memes are nothing new, obviously. The concept predates the World Wide Web, even. Something about this year, though – this brutal year – found the meme flourishing as never before.

New memes were born at dizzying rate. Decade-old memes were resurrected to rule the cyber. drunkMall stocked many of these into our meme department.

There’s no way to know what the meme lords have in store for us in 2017. All we can do at this point is take a moment to reflect on the memes that have so far blessed us with their magic…

#1 DANK Shirt

DANK Shirt

First of all, the meme life is not suitable for all ages and we should all encourage responsible meme activities. Small children should not be exposed to dank memes as it can corrupt the natural growth of their brains and personalities.

This is a very important issue. Please.

#2 Deal With It Sunglasses

Deal With It Sunglasses

It’s every memester’s dream – to become a meme of your very own!

But please do not disgrace the Code of Dankness by meme-ifying photos of yourself. It is not done. It is not dank. And why would you want to do that anyway when you can step right into a meme that’s already legendary?

Everyone else will just have to DEAL WITH IT when you’re rocking these sunglasses!

#3 Ted Cruz Zodiac Romance Story

Ted Cruz Zodiac Romance Story

One of the strangest intersections between online culture, occult history and current reality happened when the wife of a major political candidate for presidential nominee felt compelled to respond to rampant allegations that her husband was a notorious serial killer several decades ago.

Yes, that happened.

Here’s a short story (fiction, if you must), telling the tale of Ted Cruz traveling back in time to “fulfill his destiny” and learn about himself in the process…

#4 Damn Daniel Mug

Damn Daniel Mug

Memes inspire different emotions at different times.

While the truly dank memes are almost always funny, sometimes it’s funny in a “feels bad man” way more than an “ERMAHGERD” type way. The “Damn Daniel” snapchats were pretty unique in their sheer positivity. We loved it because it made us so happy to see such a joyous friendship captured on video.

At least, that’s how everyone felt except for the people who got a SWAT team called to the creator’s house…

Relive the feeling every morning with the DAMN DANIEL mug!

#5 Doge Masks

Doge Masks

Doge is friend and comedy. Much fun and friendly is doge.

And excitement. For very yes.

To become doge is inside mask with self or by another person to doge.

#6 Kermit Sipping Tea Hat

Kermit Sipping Tea Hat

Somehow a frog sipping on some Lipton became the symbol of seeing through a bunch of bullshit and choosing to not involve oneself. We ain’t mad at it.

This cute pink strapback hat sends the message that you’d rather relax at home by the window than get deep in to the drama with anyone.

#7 Dat Boi Pin

Dat Boi Pin

The origin story of Dat Boi is long and convoluted.

Suffice to say, it’s an epic tale full of adaptation and struggle and, against all odds, one frog on a unicycle absolutely dominating cyberspace for several months.

Oh shit, waddup, indeed.

#8 RIP Harambe Wristband

RIP Harambe Wristband

It’s time to get serious for a moment.

The nation- no, the world may never get over the tragic death of one of our native sons. Honestly, we don’t deserve to get over it. Here was a gorilla without fault, too beautiful for this wicked world. May his sacrifice never be forgotten.

#9 Crying Jordan Stickers

Crying Jordan Stickers

There were a great deal of notable human deaths this year, as well. In fact, some people swear that the year 2016 has been some sort of judgement day for humanity, punishment of a type. Death and tragedy ran wild in the news and there was never a better year to use a Crying Jordan meme in response to headlines.

Take that reaction offline with a pack of Crying Jordan stickers!

#10 SpongeGar Pokemon Pillow

SpongeGar Pokemon Pillow

Pokemon came back from The ’90s in a big way with Pokemon Go. Spongebob Squarepants honestly never went anywhere but the SpongeGar meme (along with the Arthur fist meme) strongly represented cartoons in the memescape.

This throw pillow combines the two worlds in one!

Who could that dank meme be?!?

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