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Grim Reaper Shaker Set

Grim Reaper Shaker Set

Adding a little spice to your food wouldn’t kill you, would it?

Hey, nobody could blame you for asking that if this shaker set was sitting on the table! It’s literally a terrifying little statue of death, clutching the glass salt and pepper shakers that come with it. Look closely and you can see that the ghastly creature is wearing a badass necklace of a smaller skull around its neck, like a souvenir of the favorite soul he claimed or something…

At close to five-and-a-half inches tall, this hooded grim reaper piece is hand-crafted from cold cast resin for a sturdy item, weighing almost two pounds. It’s not just an inexpensive novelty item. Put this in the kitchen of a person with a dark sense of humor and it will serve its duty so good it might scare you!

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