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Stress Relief Smacking Sack

Stress Relief Smacking Sack

Hopefully you’ve never smacked somebody in the sack before.

It’s a very very extremely not nice thing to do to a person. Sometimes people do deserve it but, again, hopefully you’ve not been in such a situation.

That being said…

Anyone who has smacked a sack knows that it can be a very satisfying experience.

It’s like all the stress and tension and anxiety and doubt in your life accumulate into one act of violence by which it’s transferred through your open handed blow and into a storm cloud of suffering and anguish suspended beneath another human’s body.

Sounds great, yeah?

Smack a Sack has created a product to simulate that cathartic exercise without having to ruin another person’s day, week or possibly the rest of their life.

It’s a synthetic “ball bag” and two “balls” to place inside of it.

Hold the ball sack up with one hand (or suspend it from a clamp or something) and just smack it and smack it and smack it until you feel better!

Also useful for absolutely evil motherfuckers to practice their sack tap technique.

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