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Life Size Cardboard Hippo

Life Size Cardboard Hippo

Hippos are apparently one of the deadliest creatures on the planet and also mean as shit.

You wouldn’t want to have one as a pet, in other words.

They are pretty cute, though, in like an “extraterrestrial pig dog” kinda way, right?

Here’s a way to get all the good parts of being friends with a hippo (they’re funny to look at) without any of the bad! (You know, like taking 20 pound shits in the living room, eating your furniture and deciding you need to die when all you were doing was sitting on your own couch eating Cheetos and watching Futurama. Fuckin’ hippos…)

It’s a life-size cardboard standup of a hippopotamus?

It sure is!

The resolution of that graphic is so good, you’ll want to warn any of your stoner friends before they walk in to your place. Or don’t…

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