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Bubble Wrap Oven Mitt

Bubble Wrap Oven Mitt

When you think about safety and fun, what’s the first thing you think about?

No, not those awesome educational videos you watched in Health class that were made in the ’70s to teach kids on fire how to not be on fire anymore…

It’s bubble wrap!

That magical material everyone loves to see in their packages!

Little pockets of air protecting your goods and just waiting to be popped…

You ever order bubble wrap online before? Sometimes they ship it wrapped in more bubble wrap. It’s pretty amazing.

This oven mitt looks like it’s made of bubble wrap!

It’s obviously not, though, or else you wouldn’t be able to use it as an oven mitt. The fabric of the mitt is just printed with an image of a hand inside bubble wrap, so when you put your own hand in the mitt it gives the illusion that you see in the photo!

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