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Shittens Ass Wiping Mittens

Shittens Ass Wiping Mittens

Listen, we don’t have to talk specifics on why a product like this is necessary. But facts are facts and it’s a fact that this is a product that just about every one of us could have used at one point (or several) in our lives.

Baby wipes are a pretty basic life hack. Whether you give them a full-time position in the bathroom or just use them as a finishing move after a normal TP wipe, they feel so nice! Bringing a pack of baby wipes with you on camping trip or to a music festival is like flying first class the entire time.

So, okay, back to the shitten.

This is a drunk shopping website.

We drink booze. You drink booze.

We all know what a 12 pack of cheap ass beer can do to a human digestive tract and it ain’t pretty. So you do the math: copious amounts of beer + shitting in the woods or a port-a-john = you need a shitten, kid.

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