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Glass Speaker Towers

Glass Speaker Towers

Not even gonna lie, these speakers are expensive as hell. But they look like it, too – which is the whole point.

The main selling feature here is clearly the design, which leans heavily on “diamond glass” – as you and everyone else can see. The unique effect is almost as if the drivers are floating in the middle of your house…

But they sound incredible, too. All that audiophile stuff is¬†explained in great detail with pictures and¬†diagrams and shit on the listing page. Like, there’s no way you’re spending more money on speakers that cost more than your car and they show up sounding like ass. That’s not a thing that happens, right?

Probably don’t buy these if you have dumbass friends who are always breaking things or a killer insurance policy. Although you should feel free to show them to your dumbass friends and tell them that they’re the reason you can’t have nice things.

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