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Bacon Origins Shirt

Bacon Origins Shirt

After months of extensive research into your drunk online shopping habits, drunkMall has learned many interesting things.

One thing we’ve learned is that drunk people love bacon!

Other things that drunk people buy when shopping online are funny shirts and anything to do with Star Wars.

So, knowing all of this and very much wanting you to give us your money, we went out and found a product that hits all these targets in one: a funny t-shirt featuring a pig and a piece of bacon (mis-)quoting Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back at each other!

It’s cute and funny but this is also a pretty dark shirt, if you think about it. If you were a sentient piece of bacon then it probably wouldn’t be a pleasant experience to learn that you came from a pig, right?

Well imagine how Luke Skywalker felt when-

Whoa! We almost dropped a spoiler there….

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