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Plastic Welding Kit

Plastic Welding Kit

Unless you’re Amish then you’ve gone through about five billion phone charger cables by this point in your life.

Is it a conspiracy of obsolescence?

Fuckin’ probably!

But you no longer need to live under that shadow governm- er, corporative interest!

Now, we don’t know exactly how this works. It’s some sort of liquid plastic pen that can be used to fill in chips, breaks or even completely recreate missing pieces of ceramic, metal, wood, plastic (obvs) and, uh, other materials.

You’re thinking, “Uh, I already know about super glue, bud.”

Nah, it’s not even like that.

Super glue is an adhesive, which means it only serves to stick things together. This stuff isn’t an adhesive. It’s like plastic solder that doesn’t require high heat to liquefy. UV rays turn it into plastic in seconds and it can then be sanded smooth to meet your needs.

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