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Upside Down Beer Glass

Upside Down Beer Glass

Drinking beer from a normal glass is so boring!

Do it upside down! Get weird!

The Upside-Down Wine Glass was such a hit the other week that we started wondering what other sort of topsy-turvy drinking vessels might be out there. This is what we found!

Take a standard longneck beer bottle. Cut it in half. Turn the top part upside down and place it inside a typical beer glass.

Congratulations, you just invented the upside-down beer glass! Well, except that these folks here already invented it but good try anyway. You did good and all.

It’s more than just a funny glass, by the way.

The effect of having a bottle top inside of a glass is achieved with light-weight, double-walled glass, which serves to insulate the contents of the glass. That means your beer will stay colder for a longer time because the heat of your hand holding the glass doesn’t warm up the beer!

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