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Reindeer Ice Scraper Mitten

Reindeer Ice Scraper Mitten

Scraping ice off a windshield sucks on LEVELS!

You’re almost guaranteed to cut your hand without even realizing it because it’s so cold your hand is numb. Then, the best part is getting back in the car and realizing that, like a dumbass, you managed to scrape shaved ice all down your leg, which is now melting into a nice, long patch of piss-looking misery…

There’s really nothing you can do about that wet leg thing except pay attention to what you’re doing. This will be a lot easier to do if your hand is warm and covered, which is where this product can help. It’s exactly what you think it is – a mitten/ice scraper combo. That should be added to the list of things that should have been invented decades ago, along with cereal bowls that keep your cereal crunchy.

The whole drug-addled reindeer look is probably something we could live without but, on the bright side, it’s gotta be super easy to scare children with that.

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