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Cheering Trash Can Basketball Hoop

Cheering Trash Can Basketball Hoop

Workstation a mess?

Make a game of keeping it clean!

It’s easier than you think. No matter how old people get, the same psychological tricks work on us. If something that sucks to do can be made to seem like something that’s fun to do, we’ll do it. It’s that simple!

Add a bit of practiced skill to make you feel like a champion every time you succeed?

That’s a formula for setting a habit!

This is a little basketball goal made to attach on to an office-sized trash can. When refuse is successfully lobbed (or slam dunked) through the basketball hoop, it triggers a recording of a cheering crowd.

That’s called positive reinforcement!

Let’s recap:

Take something that’s stupid and you don’t like doing. Find a way to make it fun. If you can, find a way to feel like everyone loves you for doing it right. Be a champion.

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