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Beavis and Butthead Doc Martens

Beavis and Butthead Doc Martens

Listen up, buttmunchers!

These special edition Beavis and Butthead Doc Martens are the real deal. Black and blue leather, treaded soles and yellow stitching complement the kickass cartoon graphics of ’90s anti-heroes Beavis and Butthead getting metal as hell in London!

The Beavis and Butthead logo runs up the back of each boot and the dumbasses from MTV can be seen on the sides, rocking out in front of the Big Ben clock tower. This pair of boots also comes with black and yellow laces, for an even more eye-catching style.

The other footwear in your closet can’t compete with these combat boots, so you might as well just set them all on fire* or something and only wear B&B Doc Martens for the rest of your life.

*This is a joke. Don’t play with fire.

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