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Make It Rain Iron-On Patch

Make It Rain Iron-On Patch

Life and nothin’ but patches and money!

Makin’ it rain makes the world go ’round, if you think about it.

You’re out there on a hustle, trying to do whatever it takes for that raincloud of cash to find its way over your head. That, or you already hit your goals like a champ and every day it’s you in the club making it rain on others!

Either way, this patch is super clean and it’s perfect for anyone in the “make it rain” economy. Two hands (in that cartoon glove style you’ll recognize from Mickey Mouse or even Super Mario 64) in the process of scooting bills off the top of a stack!

It’s a basic iron-on, so you can put this on a vest or jacket or shirt or pants. But you can also throw it on a backpack or duffel bag, even a hat!

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