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Gradient Puzzle

Gradient Puzzle

Puzzle fiends are always on the lookout for a new challenge…

Today we’ve got quite a confounding jigsaw puzzle for you!

There is no image to guide you towards where pieces should go. In fact, there aren’t even any hard lines in the artwork of the finished puzzle at all!

When finished, this puzzle is a simple gradient from blue to green. That’s it. Just a gradual shift from the G to the B of ROYGBIV and 500 individual pieces to get you there.

It’s a great gimmick for puzzle fans, those who appreciate minimalism or just anyone in need of killing an hour (or three) trying harder than ever to put a puzzle together!

The replay value of this puzzle is obviously much higher than others, where you can recognize pieces of objects you’ve assembled before.

Pro Tip: make the puzzle even more difficult by setting the edge pieces aside to be placed in last!

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