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Bed Desk

Bed Desk

Getting out of bed in the fall and winter has to be one of the worst parts of being alive.

Unless you live close enough to the equator that two of the key words in that last sentence never apply to you, it’s just pure torture. Basically, you start every morning by waking up and realizing that you’ve got to leave the closest thing you get to pure comfort since leaving the womb (a.k.a. your warm and cozy bed).

It’s garbage.

Total trash.

So here’s what you do.

Get with the times and find a way to make money from home. The Internet has existed for, like, a while now. You really need to figure out a way to stay in your room and make money instead of going to someone else’s room with a lot of other people in it to make the money.

Then, you get one of these desks that rolls right over the bed.

They probably invented this shit for old people in nursing homes or something but why wait until your life isn’t worth living anymore to hook yourself up with the good stuff?

You know you need this. Your life needs this.

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