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Glittery Unicorn Temporary Tattoos

Glittery Unicorn Temporary Tattoos

Time to get faaabulous!

Unicorn stuff gets posted on drunkMall a lot but there’s a demand for this supply. The numbers don’t lie and something about being drunk makes people want to throw down cash for unicorn swag. (If you’re trying to find some more, we post it all under the horses tag for now.)

We tried to think about why temporarily being wasted and shopping online would make you all want to buy unicorn stuff. Nothing even resembling a good theory came up but it did give us the idea to track down some mega-sweet temporary unicorn tattoos!

But, wait, there’s more.

Glitter! That’s right, we said glitter. The most damning evidence ever that you had a great time last night and there’s nothing anyone can do about it? That’d be glitter. These temporary unicorn tattoos have glitter in them, so you know it’s a party!

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