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High Heel Shoe Stapler

High Heel Shoe Stapler

Ooh la la!

Is it wrong find a stapler sexually appealing?

Because this cherry red high heel stapler has us feeling some type of way!

Remember in Office Space how that one dude was obsessed with his red Swingline stapler and (spoiler alert) even burned the building down when they wouldn’t let him keep it?

Amazing movie but who gives that much of a shit about a regular ass red stapler?

But this stapler!

Oh, it would be very easy to believe that someone would commit arson over this thing.

And it’s even made by Swingline! The king of staplers! (We just made that up. If there is a company that has the slogan “king of staplers” we’re unaware and you should not sue us.)

Pick up a high heel shoe stapler today and you’ll be sexy stapling in no time!

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