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Loaded Dice

Loaded Dice

Gambling with a pair of loaded dice is a really good way to lose a thumb, if any of you feel like you’ve got one thumb too many.

A set of fixed dice is one of those things you see in movies and TV shows but not often in real life. Again, there’s a really good reason for that, which is that maiming and possibly even death can result from their use.

That being said, a little light pranking between friends is harmless, right?

Now, loaded dice don’t roll the same thing every time, no matter what. Basically, they’re fixed in a way that makes each die landing on a six more likely than any other number. There’s a certain way to roll them to maximize the odds of rolling a six, so you can practice that roll at home and only use it when the sixes are necessary.

Each order comes with three dice, so if you’re playing a game that uses only one or two then you’ll have a spare.

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