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Future Shades Party Glasses

Future Shades Party Glasses

Party like a cyborg from the 1980s version of the future with some outrageously versatile LED shades!

These differ from a lot of the light-up gear previously posted on drunkMall in two ways.

One, the quality of LEDs is much higher, with each of the 68 pixels bringing a bright and full-color contribution to the device. That means the motion effects are far more stunning than the typical LED-wire products you’ll find.

Two, the glasses are hackable.

Yes, if you’re interested in learning to program code for use in electronics then this is a great little project to take on. The glasses come pre-loaded with effect programs, so you don’t need any special knowledge to make them look cool. But if you want to get “under the hood,” as they say, you’ll be able to customize the array and patterns of the light show on these glasses.

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