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150 Sticks of Cinnamon Roll Flavor Gum

150 Sticks of Cinnamon Roll Flavor Gum

Curiosity is a strange thing.

Some people have no curiosity in life. That’s obviously a terribly boring existence and who would want to go through life with zero trace of the wondering mind we say is so magical when we see it in children?

On the other end of the spectrum, though. Well, there’s a saying, “Curiosity killed the cat.” That’s because an overactive sense of curiosity can be a curse.

Take this cinnamon roll flavored gum, for instance. Yeah, that’s a pretty unusual flavor of gum. Maybe tastes amazing. Who knows? But it’s hard to imagine that it will be wildly successful and they probably won’t continue to make it for years to come.


There are some people who will read this post, learn of the existence of cinnamon roll flavored chewing gum and a seed will be planted in their mind. A little seed of curiosity. It may not happen instantly. It could even take weeks. But eventually that seed will grow into an “I must know” plant and next thing you know they’re on the computer at 2am buying 150 sticks of cinnamon roll flavor gum.

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