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Direwolf Mug

Direwolf Mug

Winter may be coming but new episodes of Game of Thrones won’t be here for way too long. (Seriously, it’s not fair.) Get your daily fix of Westeros with your morning cup of coffee using this awesome mug!

When filled to the brim with delicious coffee (or any dark liquid, really), it just looks like an everyday branded mug. It says “WINTER IS COMING” on one side of the mug and has that Game of Thrones logo printed on the other side. That would be cool. Like, that would be a mug that people would buy and use as their go-to caffeine cup.

But hold the raven…

After a few sips, it becomes clear that there’s more to this mug than meets the three-eyes…

There’s a direwolf head sculpted into the inner base of the cup!

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