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EXCLUSIVE: The Simpsons Shopping Spree

The Simpsons Shopping Spree

On Sunday night, The Simpsons will air its 600th episode.

It’s been the “Longest Running” in several categories of television for years now, so it’s kind of like when an Olympic gold medallist keeps winning gold medals. Like, yeah, that’s what you’re supposed to do, buddy. But still, 600 is a nice round number and we’ll take pretty much any excuse to dive headlong in to a Simpsons marathon!

Honestly, we were already planning a Simpsons gift guide before finding out about this 600th episode thing because it’s October and that means a new Treehouse of Horror episode!

Right now is a great time to be a fan of the show, so sit right there and keep scrolling for some extra special Simpsons swag…

#1 Duff Beer Ceramic Mug

Duff Beer Ceramic Mug

Surprise, surprise…

The drunk shopping website kicks things off with branded merch from maybe the most famous beer in fiction: Duff!

It’s Homer’s favorite brand and you know he came by that beer belly honestly!

This ceramic mug doesn’t have a handle, which makes it look a whole lot like a can of delicious Duff beer!

#2 Your Springfieldian Caricature

Your Springfieldian Caricature

What more could a superfan of the show want than to actually visit Springfield?

Step through the 4th wall…

Lose a finger…

Get a nice yellow tan…

Celebrities get to do guest appearances all the time. Now anyone can see what they’d look like as a resident of America’s favorite cartoon town, thanks to this artist on Fiverr!

#3 Homer Simpson Skateboard

Homer Simpson Skateboard

Usually Homer is yelling at Bart for doing things like shooting his slingshot or riding his skateboard, but get a couple beers in the old man and he’s liable to stir up some trouble himself!

This skateboard is made by Santa Cruz, who is a 100% legit skate company – not some hacks throwing together a novelty board. The middle of the deck has a unique cutout to match Homer’s features and you may be surprised how much you like the nose and tail of the board being different widths!

Woo hoo!

#4 Homer Simpson Scream Poster

Homer Simpson Scream Poster

Homer has such a great scream…

It’s one of the most recognizable screams in cartoon history, so it’s fitting that someone placed him in a parody of probably the most recognizable scream in history: Munch’s The Scream

This is just a poster, not like a canvas print or anything, so it’s very affordable and can go on a wall pretty much anywhere.

Measures 23 x 25 inches.

#5 The Simpsons Arcade Machine

The Simpsons Arcade Machine

If you haven’t dumped at least $75 worth of quarters into this video game then your childhood sucked.

Any mall arcade in America, this was one of the most popular games in the room. There’d be a crowd of kids waiting to jump in with their quarters as soon as someone was tapped out, or even just standing around to watch the action. The game was that good.

Playing it on a home entertainment system just isn’t the same as standing at the machine with three friends kicking all that cartoon ass. So order one of those arcade cabinets today!

#6 Clue: The Simpsons Edition

Clue: The Simpsons Edition

It’s just like the classic mystery episodes Who Shot Mr. Burns? – board game style!

The familiar layout of Clue has been given the full Springfield treatment.

Those boring old people characters with the dumb names have been replaced with fan favorites of the show. The weapons are things like a slingshot, poisoned doughnut, plutonium rod, etc. And the settings are straight from the show, too!

Obviously the dead body is Mr. Burns, by the way…

#7 Blinky the Fish Car Decal

Blinky the Fish Car Decal

We were hoping to find one of those metal “Jesus Fish” type emblems of Blinky the radioactive fish…

But we found this decal instead.

It’s more colorful anyway, which is more accurate to the show.

Slap this little three-eyed fish on your car window and other fans of The Simpsons will recognize you everywhere you go! Heck, you and all your Simpsons Trivia teammates can put them on all your cars!

#8 Krusty the Clown Socks

Krusty the Clown Socks

This set of Krusty socks is great because you get a little bit of variety with your order.

The grey pair of socks is a more subdued with touch of colorful flair. Like the business side of Krusty – behind the makeup, if you will – and you can see his own franchise of Krustyburger has its logo right on the sock.

And then the other pair of socks is Krusty in full clown mode! Bright purple and ready to party!

#9 Krusty the Clown Corkscrew

Krusty the Clown Corkscrew

A clown’s life is harder than people realize…

But at the end of the day, you can always relax with a nice bottle of wine – and Krusty’s here to help make it happen!

This Krusty the Clown figurine is made of solid pewter and stands just over 5 inches tall.

Lift up the head and you’ll be holding a functional corkscrew that was hidden inside the body! Krusty’s signature hair serves as a handle to twist the corkscrew and pop bottles of your finest!

#10 Flaming Moe Energy Drink

Flaming Moe Energy Drink

Should you really decide to take the plunge and watch all 600 episodes of the greatest cartoon sitcom of all time, you may need a little help staying awake at times.

Let Moe Szyslak help you out a bit…

You surely remember The Flaming Moe cocktail (which Moe stole from Homer). It’s a legendarily potent cocktail but nobody really knows the exact recipe for it, aside from the fact that it’s fruity and flavorful and contains cough syrup. (Lean? Simpsons did it first.)

This is probably the opposite of that…

A bubblegum flavored energy drink!

Who wants one?

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