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Pocket Scream

Pocket Scream

Please don’t run away in terror from your computer screen. Yes, it’s disturbing. Oddly familiar but somehow wrong. Like browsing a bookstore while on vacation in a foreign country. You look away from the shelves in time to glimpse a face you’re certain you know, just as that person exits the shop. You follow them out. And down the sidewalk and around the corner and into the alley, where they were waiting. It’s only as you’re grabbed and forced against the brick wall that you realize their face, it’s your own….

The Pocket Scream has much in common with nightmares such as these.

Only it’s far more horribly real!

Designed by Krappy – which, if you’ve never visited their website then you need to click that link – The Pocket Scream is an unsettling little recording and playback device. Pressing the ghoulish face’s right eye allows you to record up to 10 seconds of sound – screams, obviously – and pressing the left eye plays the recorded sound back to you.

Pocket Scream is battery powered and comes pre-loaded with voice instructions and a bone-chilling sample scream!

Buy one for yourself fright now!


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