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Chamoy-Flavored Gummy Bears

Chamoy-Flavored Gummy Bears

We’re going to assume you don’t know what chamoy is because most people probably don’t know. It’s kind of like sangria, in that it’s actual flavor can vary wildly based on what it’s made out of but it’s all called the same thing if it’s made the same way.

According to Wikipedia, chamoy is made by packing fruit in a salt brine, then adding chile powder to what’s left after the fruit’s moisture has all been drawn out. Most of the time it’s either apricot, plum or mango being used, so the flavor depends a lot on that but there are also many kinds of brine that can be used.

So it’s pretty hard to describe what it tastes like, you see? We’d describe the flavor as… complex. Salty, spicy and sweet. If you’ve got an adventurous palate, give it a shot because people who like it tend to like it a lot!

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