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Golf Club Piss Jug

Golf Club Piss Jug

This is what they call a gamechanger!

Golf is a game where you spend most of a day walking around outside and swinging various sticks at a little ball until you knock it into this hole or that hole.

It’s usually sunny and hot.

Beer is often being consumed.

Bathrooms are… not always around when you need one.

Even though golf courses have sand traps that are basically gigantic litter boxes, it is very much frowned upon to relieve one’s bladder there or anywhere elseĀ on the course or surrounding nature.

But we’ve found a solution for when you really have to go!

It’s a piss jug, pretty much.

Guys, you know what a piss jug is, so there’s no need to explain it to you. Ladies, you can figure it out. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

The special thing about this piss jug is that it’s disguised to look like an ordinary golf club. Keep it in your club bag and only pull it out when there’s business to be done.

Each golf club piss jug comes with a very handy privacy towel!

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