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Biography of Nicolas Cage

Biography of Nicolas Cage

Unfortunately, Nicolas Cage has not yet written an autobiography. (Can you even imagine? No, you can’t. There is no frame of reference for anything approaching how amazing it would be.)

So, for now, those of us who are extremely obsessed interested in the actor’s background, personal life and anecdotes must resort to the tabloid quality biographies we pretend to be above but deeply enjoy. It doesn’t matter if the sources are credible. Who cares what really happened? Is it entertaining?! That’s all that matters.

drunkMall loves the #OneTrueGod and we post Nic Cage related items often. But even if you don’t really care about him, this particular biography is essentially a work of art that any fan of irony should be proud to display in their home.

It’s called Uncaged! Come on!

Look at Nic’s pouty little face in that photo!

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