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GIVEAWAY: Ghostbusters Patch

Ghostbusters Patch

If there’s an empty place, ya need to fill that space…

Who you gonna call?


That’s a song we made up just now about people who have jackets and backpacks with patches all over them but probably enough room for at least one more. Yeah, some people are just born with talent. No big deal.

The trailer for Stranger Things’ second season heavily featured the crew in some epic Ghostbusters Halloween costumes, so you can bet your sweet ass that Ghostbusters will be even more popular this October than any other year. (Especially because of how unpopular the Ghostbusters brand was there for a year or so for reasons we all know and don’t need to acknowledge here.)

This embroidered patch is about 2.5 inches in diameter, iron-on/sew-on and ready to go on your new favorite patchable fabric product!


To help everyone get in theĀ spirit of this whole thing, we’re giving away 5 of these patches on drunkMall this week. They’re quite inexpensive though, so if you don’t want to leave it up to chance then you should for sure just go ahead and get one through the link above.

Everyone else, hit up the widget!

Ghostbusters Patch

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