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Pac-Man’s Mini Arcade

Pac-Man's Mini Arcade

12 legendary video games taken from the arcade and crammed into a Pac-Man joystick box for playing at home!

The pixelated Pac-Man housing looks so cool, this is one gaming “system” that’s worth leaving on display even when not in use. This plug-and-play unit does a great job of presenting the classic games as they were – the retro graphics, the infectiously repetitive soundtracks – it’s all here!

You’re getting more than Pac-Man games with this thing, too. Of the 12 games loaded into the system, only 4 of them are from the Pac-Man line. You’ll also have arcade favorites like Galaga, Dig Dug, New Rally X, Mappy and more!

Six foot long cables plug into a TV’s A/V inputs for immediate gameplay with minimal setup – no software installation! The whole unit is powered by AA batteries, which give hours and hours of gameplay before needing to be replaced.


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