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Prank Tongue

Prank Tongue

The secret to a really good prank is 95% normalcy.

As long as 95% of any situation is absolutely normal, then you can really work within that other 5% of WTF to get some great reactions from people.

Here we have a fake tongue.

It looks real enough, especially if you can get away with not talking at all during the setup of your prank.

But when you need it to enter that 5% WTF territory, it’s got the goods.

See, this tongue is really stretchy. Like, way too stretchy. And that’s the trick!

We can’t stress this enough: everything is totally normal…

Until something feels weird with your tongue.

You look confused.

You grab the tongue and pull it out, like it needs to be inspected.

And you keep pulling… And pulling…

And it keeps stretching!

That’s the beauty of this tongue – its stretchiness, its ability to be stabbed with household items like pens and scissors…

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