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Too Kawaii to Die Shirt

Too Kawaii to Die Shirt

People always say things like “beauty is temporary” or whatever.

Those people are wrong.

All over the world we celebrate images of beautiful humans that were taken decades ago. That doesn’t seem very temporary, does it? We still talk about the beauty of Cleopatra, even though she lived thousands of years ago (and probably wasn’t really that hot.)

So if a person can be dead for centuries and still have their image celebrated, then anyone who tells you to “hurry up because we’re gonna be late to the party” while you’re finishing your epic makeup in the bathroom is kind of an asshole, right? Short-sighted at the very least…

Let the world know you’re Team Kawaii with this “TOO KAWAII TO DIE” tee. It’s got some pink drippy bubble font. It’s got a couple crosses. It’s yellow.

What more could you ask for in a cute shirt?

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