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Shark Attack Shaker Set

Shark Attack Shaker Set

Get hyped for Shark Week 2017, y’all!

This year is gonna be about as wild as it’s ever been, as far as we can tell.

If you aren’t aware, the greatest Olympian of all time (so, practically the best human) is going to race a presumably average Great White Shark. It sounds like a horror movie waiting to happen so you better believe we’re tuning in.

We’re gonna get excited at every meal with this shark attack salt and pepper shaker set!

The shark is one piece and that severed leg is the other piece. They’ve each got a rubber stopper on the bottom for filling and refilling. Also, the leg stays in the shark mouth thanks to magnets, which makes it harder to lose!

Like, everyone who’s ever watched more than, say, three Jaws movies in a day should probably own this.

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