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Modular Sleep Mask

Modular Sleep Mask

This is the best sleep mask that has ever been made and it doesn’t even exist yet.

Wait, so how can we say this is the best sleep mask if we’ve never used it?

Because every sleep mask that sucks, sucks for the same reason, which is the way it fits. Pretty much every sleep mask ever is either one-size-fits-all or AT BEST comes in two different sizes. The truth is that when it comes to sleep masks, one size never fits all and you probably aren’t lucky enough to have the perfectly proportioned face necessary for the mask to fully block out light with a comfortable fit.

So someone finally had the idea to make a modular sleep mask!

That’s how we know this is the best sleep mask ever because if it isn’t then all you have to do is take the piece that isn’t where you want it to be and put it where you want it to be.

Simple and smart enough to bring in over $400k on Kickstarter when they only had a $15k goal. You’ve still got time to get some of the exclusive rewards and discounts they’re giving to backers so hit this one up fast!

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