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Sonic Beer Head Enhancer

Sonic Beer Head Enhancer

Beer on tap is very different from beer served at home from a can or a bottle. Breweries of famous draft beers, like Guinness, Boddingtons and Murphy’s, have found ways to bring a draft-like head to beers served from specially designed cans by using a “widget” to mimic the foaming effect of pulling from a tap.

Some of those cans do a great job, especially Murphy’s, but many beer snobs still can’t get into it. Perhaps it’s time to add a Sonic Foamer to your home bar.

Giving good head is important. It changes the entire experience of drinking a beer. So the Sonic Foamer uses ultrasonic vibrations to work any beer into a frenzy up top, delivering a full head that showcases the flavors and notes in that beer.

Please understand that this won’t make gross beer taste better. That machine hasn’t been invented. You’ve got to start with something that’s enjoyable and this device will shine a spotlight on its nuances.

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