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Book of Games

Book of Games

Life is but a game.

Or, rather, a series of games… interrupted by all-too-long periods of non-gaming moments. Work, school, sleep – where’s the fun in that life without games?!

Now, games can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. There is, of course, The Most Dangerous Game, in which one or several human(s) is hunted to death by one or several other human(s). You shouldn’t play this game.

Then there are games for small children, such as Go Fish. You should only play this game if you have to entertain a small child or a mother-in-law.

As for games in the middle of the spectrum, there are so many!

This book from Unbored collects all manner of games in its pages. Inside, outside, offline and online – it’s a manual for finding fun in the world around us!

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