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GG: The Ultimate Version of Rock-Paper-Scissors

GG: The Ultimate Version of Rock-Paper-Scissors

This game has the potential to be huge.

The creators of GG have deconstructed the simplest game on Earth, Rock-Paper-Scissors, and rebuilt it into a game that remains simple enough for a child to play while also holding depths of strategy capable of infuriating grown adults.

Oh, there’s also an expansion pack that turns it into a drinking game – we especially like that part. If you get the drinking game expansion, you’re going to need a large drinking vessel. We recommend oxhorn ale tankards.

It’s really kind of a cross between the card game, War, an RPG and Rock-Paper Scissors. You assemble your deck and then challenge the deck of your competitor(s). The game works with 2 players but can be expanded to as many players as you have decks.

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