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Pikachu Onesie

Pikachu Onesie

Choose warmth this winter with a Pikachu onesie!

When temperatures get low, your first thought might be how nice it would be to snuggle up to a Snorlax or capture a Charizard to hang out in the living room and heat things up with their fire breath. But those aren’t real things you can do, whereas climbing inside of some Pikachu one-piece pajamas is totally an option! You can get them right here and now!

As an added bonus, you’ll also look adorable while lounging around the house. You could even show up to a pajama party (or a regular party where you pretend you thought it was supposed to be a pajama party) wearing this and people will probably want to take pictures with you because who doesn’t love Pikachu?


Monsters don’t love Pikachu.

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