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Little Green Men UFO Shirt

Little Green Men UFO Shirt

Aliens – so hot right now!

This stellar shirt is covered in little green alien heads, UFOs, stars and alien hands giving the universal peace sign.

With NASA’s recent announcement of their discovering seven Earth-like planets that may or may not contain intelligent life, this shirt couldn’t have landed at a better time. Since, you know, we can’t build a big wall and stop aliens from laughing and you’re high off your ass if you think an extraterrestrial civilization capable of traveling light years to visit us wouldn’t also be able to decimate us in any sort of armed battle – it would probably be a great idea if we stop making stupid movies about evil aliens coming here and us banding humanity together to kick the shit out of them, don’t you think?

Probably a better idea to let them know we are totally cool with them showing up and being chill about it all.

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