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DIY Chocolate Penis Molding Kit

DIY Chocolate Penis Molding Kit

Share your sweet stick with anyone who wants it by casting it in decadent milk chocolate!

Clone-A-Willy has a rock solid reputation for making penile molding kits foolproof enough for consumer use. They even have one kit that lets dudes make a vibrator clone of their very own dongs. So if they can successfully do that, then chocolate dicks seem pretty simply by comparison, right?

So here’s what you need to know.

The end result will be edible and 100% sanitary. But it’s all about presentation. When the lucky diner receives their dessert, it needs to look nice.

The trick to that is maintaining full, uh, “attention” during the casting process. You’re gonna need a source of arousal, in other words. Porn, MMA fighting, reruns of Golden Girls – whatever gets you stiff, make sure you’ve got some of that on hand for optimal results.

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