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Beef Jerky Bouqet

Beef Jerky Bouqet

Valentine’s Day is coming up but not everyone is in to flowers and candy.

In fact, not everyone is into relationships or Valentine’s Day!

This February 14th, you can go way outside the box and give your significant other something they’ll actually enjoy: delicious beef jerky!

Say It with Beef offers these delightful bouqets of beef jerky presented in the same fashion as cliche roses, etc.

You don’t even need to be in a relationship to send these to someone around the holiday. For those unaware of important social issues, Feb. 14 is also known as Singles Awareness Day. drunkMall did a big thing about it last year and we’ll probably do it again this year!

Until then, don’t let your besties sit around on Valentines/Singles Awareness Day beating their meat! Give them something good to eat!

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