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Eject Button Car Lighter

Eject Button Car Lighter

If life were half as interesting as the cartoons of our childhood would have us believe, cars would come with EJECT buttons.

But they don’t.

Fortunately, this is a problem that can be fixed, right here and right now. Of course, it’s probably illegal to have a functional eject button in an automobile. So, yeah, that’s not what this is. But if you’re ever driving around a kid (or an adult who’s kind of dumb) then there’s a decent chance of being able to convince them this is a real eject button.

What it really is, though, is a functional cigarette lighter. It fits most standard sized electric car lighters, so this is an easy upgrade. Take that boring factory car lighter and put it in a box somewhere. Next time someone asks for a light while riding in the car will be a lot more entertaining!

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