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Trivial Pursuit: 90s Edition

Trivial Pursuit: 90s Edition

So you love to play trivia games but your window of knowledge is pretty much narrowed to a ten year period of time?

We got your back.

Trivial Pursuit is a mainstay of the board game shelf. If you’ve ever played a trivia board game ever, chances are good that it was Trivial Pursuit. Now, the questions in a standard game are pulled from the full scope of human history. That’s a lot of useless information to carry around all the time and most people don’t even try.

But, oh, when it comes to recent history?

When it comes to The ’90s, everyone’s an expert. Just ask them! Everyone knows the best bands, the best movies, which celebrities married other celebrities… They even remember the name of that cloned sheep!

Get a crew of friends and family together and outsmart each other!

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