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Carbonite Han Solo Wall Decal

Carbonite Han Solo Wall Decal

Here’s a pretty great reminder that things could always be worse…

drunkMall recommends all home furnishing decisions be made with either practicality or inspiration in mind. Whether we’re talking Pink Floyd posters, a nun sucking off a unicorn horn or a life-sized cardboard cutout of a butler, it’s important that you surround yourself with items and imagery that are compelling to you, the real you.

Now, if you’re the kind of person who’s susceptible to spending, like, 23 consecutive days doing nothing but watching Netflix and HBO Go while eating delivered Chinese food and wondering how to afford more weed without getting a real job… It’s safe to say you could use a little inspiration.

Han Solo being frozen in carbonite always seemed really motivating. Like, imagine being conscious on any level while frozen into a block of solid carbonite? That would suuuuuck. As soon as you got out of there, you’d be a real go-getter, right? Wasting NO time in achieving those goals.

Anyway, this is one of those life-size wall decals that you can put up wherever you want in the home. It isn’t actually 3D but the shadow effect is so well done that it could appear that way from certain angles.

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