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Wake ‘n’ Bake Mug with Built-In Pipe

Wake & Bake Coffee Mug Pipe

Oh, you aren’t a morning person? We’ll see about that…

Here’s a mug that can quickly deliver a morning dose of strong black coffee, or chronic green, uh, tea… and a bowl of the finest tobacco – all in one handy vessel! It’s a pick-me-up-and-up-some-more!

Just in case anyone is confused, the liquid contents of the mug never come in contact with the smoke. There is a hollow chamber that connects the bowl to a mouthpiece on the top of the mug’s handle. We’re coffee and kind snobs over here and we wouldn’t want anyone tainting one with the other.

This is a very, very popular item on drunkMall. It’s often sold out, so if you want it and it’s available now – get it!

If you don’t like coffee then check out this caffeinated hot chocolate… But whatever you do, don’t forget the snacks!

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