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Mr. Fridge Happy Face Magnets

Mr. Fridge Happy Face Magnets

The refrigerator may be the happiest place in every home – so put a happy face on it!

If you think about it, the fridge brings so much joy into our lives…

There’s usually so much good stuff in the fridge. Like, when was the last time you watched your favorite TV show or a good movie without visiting the icebox before or during a pause break?

We’ve all got different things in our refrigerators but those things are what we choose to put in there, so it’s basically a magical box full of what Past You decided Future You would justĀ love to have.

Beer, leftover pizza, Chinese takeout, hummus and carrot sticks….

It’s whatever Past You hooked up!

How awesome is Past You?!

How awesome is the fridge?!?

Give your fridge buddy a big ol’ smiling face to match the joy within by slapping the Mr. Fridge magnet set on the front!

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